Our projects

Summum Engineering operates in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, as well as in the arts. Our projects include lightweight structures, sustainable buildings and art installations.

Earthen vault house

3D printed shot earth

Earthen noise barrier

3D printed shot earth

Bastion IX

Timber tower

De Huizenprinters

3D printed concrete pavilion


Deployable timber gridshell

De Warren

Circular hardwood facade


Hemplime, timber building

Icoon Terneuzen

Circular steel tower

Bakstenen Blikvanger

Circular Catalan vault

Dome of Plants

Glulam bamboo lamella dome

Domes Village

Timber domes with bridges

Rotterdamse Dromers

Rotterdam Mountain

Cable-net stabilized high-rise

Bridge Project

3D printed concrete bridge

Coral dome

Radial timber ribs

Natural dome

Clad timber structure

Geodesic dome

Timber lattice dome


Tensegrity canopy

Additive Stereotomy

3D printed prestressed arches


Sprayed mud and bamboo shells

Palais de l’Atlantique

ETFE cladding


Steel geodesic dome


ETFE inflatable

ConsulTable Challenge

3D concrete printed bridge


Timber pavillion

Biodiversity Tree

3D printed concrete tower


Deployable GFRP gridshell


Participatory real estate development


Flexible climbing wall system



Previous work

The following projects were carried out under previous employment at the Block Research Group, ETH Zurich.

The following projects were carried out under previous employment at Witteveen+Bos consulting engineers.

Our workshops

On occasion, Summum Engineering offers workshops to students and professionals, related to its specialties. Workshops included parametric engineering for the structural engineers of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Witteveen+Bos; membrane structures and form-finding for students at the Detmold School of Architecture, Germany; and, gridshell construction for students at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.