The ZigZagCity pavillion is a set of two timber structures, a house and a 5 m high tower, clad with timber and textile, braced by steel cables and weighed down using concrete tiles. The structures were modelled and engineered by five students from TU Delft, with help, input and support of Summum Engineering.

The central information point of the ZigZagCity festival is in Rotterdam’s Wijkpark Oude Westen. For the festival, fifteen international students of the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities of the TU Delft have designed a pavillion. It forms a festive ‘public interior’ in the park, a place where people can meet and exchange stories. The pavillion is the ideal starting point of any journey to discover Rotterdam’s neighborhood Oude Westen and its architecture. The ZigZagCity pavillion consists of two parts: the house and the tower. The skyline of Rotterdam is the inspiration, with its towers rising behind the residential saddle roofs. The tower marks the festival’s location, the house represents the interior, a domestic place in the park where visitors and residents can linger and relax.

Both structures required a stability calculation for the city, in order to obtain an event permit. The calculations were carried out by five of the fifteen students, completely parametrically. Summum Engineering supported the project by teaching the students how to structurally model and parametrically engineer both timber structures, and then hosting and supervising their ongoing efforts. Their results were checked, and then processed by Summum Engineering, in order to submit a report to the city.

The pavillion stood for the entire event, from June 6th to 25th, 2018. It is currently disassembled and stored, and will make its reappearance at another cultural event in Rotterdam!



Anne Geenen, Sereh Mandias | TU Delft

Students (parametric engineering)
Bjorn van Dijk, Eungyu Hong, Linn Opsahl, Sebastiaan Brouwer, Trang Phan

Students (rest of the team)
Camilla Ceccacci, Dennis Musalim, Emilia Golebiewska, Eva ten Velden, Jack Petch, Mary Lou van den Berg, Matthew Riches, Nikolas Kourtis, Samuel Goma Garcia-Ganges

    Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Time: June 2018
    StatusCompleted, disassembled

    Services: Parametric modelling, structural engineering, teaching

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