Telescope villa

Located on a hill, with an outstanding view on Franciacorta wine region and Iseo lake, this single-unit house is almost entirely built with natural dry materials. A timber-framed box, straw-bale insulated, stands on concrete foundations, covered with metal gabions filled with local river stones.

Telescope villa obtained a passive house certification thanks to its straw-bale insulated shell, large glazed south-oriented windows and solar panels, avoiding the need for any heating system.

The roof and floor are covered with birch wood panels on the interior and are insulated with local straw-bales and expanded clay aggregate. The flooring is realized with pine timber boards, while the upper terrace floor is paved with okoumé boards. The external walls are made with clay-plastered straw-bales on the inside, while covered with larch boards on the outside.

The building is made by a rigid timber frame, with shear walls fixed to roof and floor beams in their main directions. The roof acts as a rigid diaphragm thanks to horizontal metallic wind bracing, while the floor behaves as a membrane thanks to the application of a second layer of 45° orientated timber boards.

Under previous employment at Cming, Francesco Verzura worked on the structural design and analysis, building engineering, construction drawings and detailing.



Studio Quarzo

Structural engineering

Mozzone Building System

    Location: Brione (BS), Italy
    Time: 2016
    Status: Completed

    Services: Structural design and engineering, executive design consultancy


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