Modular Ltd is developing a flexible climbing system. Summum Engineering has developed a software tool to help Modular Ltd design, configure and reconfigure their flexible, modular climbing wall system. This tool will assist them in the development of their system and allow them to show their clients the flexibility of their products, certainly compared to conventional rigid climbing walls.

The Modular climbing wall system consists of planar timber panels and custom hinged connection details between the panels and an underlying support structure with telescoping struts. To support the development of this system, a tool was needed that allows the design and analysis of specific configurations of these panels and connections details. This tool is a plug-in for CAD-software Rhinoceros3D, or Rhino, using the Kangaroo2 physics simulation library, and has been written in IronPython intended for in-house use by Modular Ltd.


Svetlin Peev | Modular Ltd

Edyta Augustynowicz

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Time: 2017
Status: Completed
Services: Scripting

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