Delizia house

This project is a residential building, built using hemplime. Hemplime is a mix that combines the properties and benefits of these two unique materials. Blick, a modular construction block made with this special mix, has been used to construct the external walls for a glued laminated timber structure.

Hemp is a durable and resistant material. In ancient Egypt, hemp linen was used to envelope and protect mummies, while modern plumbers use its fibers to seal pipe junctions. Lime allows one to create an alkaline mix, preventing moisture and external weather conditions from damaging walls.
Hemp-lime is therefore a natural mix that allows for the construction of durable, energy efficient and healthy buildings.

The glulam post-and-beam timber structure has been designed to “hide” inside Blick blocks and the span between columns was optimized in order to minimize material use, while speeding up the construction phase.

The timber columns act as bracing and are fixed at their base in their main direction on the concrete foundations. Roof pitches have been wind-braced thanks to perforated steel tapes, nailed to the timber structure of the roof.


Structural engineering


    Location: Casarsa della Delizia (PN), Italy
    Time: June 2016
    Status: Completed

    Services: Structural engineering, and construction design consultancy


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