De Scheg

Ice skating track De Scheg underwent a metamorphosis in 2011, after a large tensioned fabric roof was installed, having been only partially covered since its opening in 1993. The new roof addition is the largest membrane structure in the Netherlands. Specific challenges were the connections to the existing building and the limited space to position new supports around the central ice hockey rink. Under previous employment at Witteveen+Bos, Summum Engineering’s Diederik Veenendaal worked on the roof’s feasibility study, structural design and engineering, and checks on the final structural calculations by the contractor.

The ice skating track is part of the larger sports complex, De Scheg. To attract more visitors and focus on family and cultural events, a new concept for the complex was devised. As part of this plan the interior of the ice skating track was to be lowered and covered by the new roof. The ice hockey rink underneath was moved to one side, opening up the other side for a new North Pole-themed children’s playground. Meanwhile, the surrounding ice skating track would benefit due to the lower exposure to outside weather and improved interior climate extending the skating season, as well as reducing energy use. Witteveen+Bos provided the project management and engineering for the renovation. The membrane roof was designed in collaboration with the building’s original architects, Alberts & Van Huut.

The design of the 5.500 m² roof was driven by multiple disciplines relevant to the project. The existing structure had limits to its load carrying capacity and to the ability to increase it. As a result, increasingly refined form finding was needed to find an ideal roof geometry. The final geometry  features ten support pylons and three valley cables that distribute forces around the perimeter to the existing steel and concrete columns depending on the specific local capacity. The ice hockey rink and playground below the roof, required that, to allow for enough open space, – unusually – eight of the pylons had to incline inwards, connected in pairs with large struts at the top, above the roof. Because building codes do not apply well to complex roof shapes, wind and snow loads were assessed in a wind tunnel instead, using a rigid, 3D-printed scale model. The centralized 3D CAD model that served to generate the scale model, also provided geometry for structural form finding by Witteveen+Bos, room acoustical analysis by Tyrens and CFD fire safety analysis by NIRAS. Openings in the roof were sized to regulate sound transmission and smoke ventilation.




Client: Sportbedrijf Deventer

Feasibility study phase

Preliminary and final design phases
Theo Salet, Hans Laagland, Diederik Veenendaal | Witteveen+Bos | Project management
Marius Ballieux | Alberts & van Huut | Architecture
Diederik Veenendaal, Hans Laagland | Witteveen+Bos | Structural design and engineering
Witteveen+Bos | Geotechnical engineering
Gert Segers | Witteveen+Bos | Building installations
Marieke Duineveld, Leo van Wee | Witteveen+Bos | Geohydrology
Jan van Staverden, Bas Boer | Witteveen+Bos | Drafting
Martin Höjer | Tyréns | Acoustics 
Morten Valkvist | NIRAS | Fire safety
Patrick Heneka, Nils Münzl, Jürgen Wacker | Wacker Ingenieure | Wind engineers
Reiner Essrich | IF Gruppe | Checking engineers

Construction phase
Van Wijnen | Contractor
JVZ | Structural engineering
IF Gruppe | Membrane engineer
PolyNed | Membrane contractor
Moeskops Staalbouw | Steel contractor
Witteveen+Bos | Checking engineers

Location: Deventer, the Netherlands
Time: 2011
Project area: 5500 m2
Budget: EUR 3.5m

Services: Structural design, structural engineering, project management, proofing 

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