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Diederik Veenendaal gave a presentation at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on Thursday December 12th, speaking about parametric modelling and its positions within the design and construction process, using his previous and current work as examples.

The guest lecture was part of a series in the course Masonry Structures. The course introduces the students to digital construction techniques related to design and assembly based on additive manufacturing in broad perspective. The students bring this theory into practice in a digital construction project, using parametric modelling and a robotic arm to assembly a masonry structure through digital fabrication.

Diederik was invited by Rob Wolfs, Assistant Professor in the chair of Innovative Structural Design, in the Department of the Built Environment. The research and teaching of Rob focuses on digital design and manufacturing strategies, with the aim to enhance the sustainability and productivity of the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Key topics concern the application of robotics in construction, with a focus on 3D concrete printing, and digital design tools based on parametric modelling and (structural) optimization.



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