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MuDD architects uses drone spraying to build ‘Terramia’ housing prototypes

During 2019’s Milan Design Week, MuDD architects collaborated with CanyaViva, Summum Engineering and AKT II to build ‘Terramia’ housing prototypes using a combination of drone spraying, drone blowing and drone lifting. Realized in just 5 days in Palazzo Regione Lombardia, the team utilized local raw materials, such as mud and bamboo, to form the series of earthen shells. The bamboo was sourced in a forest 20 km from Milan, while the sands and clays were excavated and collected from the city’s suburbs. Without the requirement of skilled labour and with its short construction period, the project aims to showcase how the prototype could be potentially used for low-budget or humanitarian shelter. Read more on Designboom and in our project page.

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