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Sustainable buildings

Energiehuis Deltawind | Timber office building
Oude Tonge, Netherlands | 2024 | photo ©Anniek van Zadelhoff


Resilient housing

Mans floating home | CLT folded roof
Leiden, Netherlands | 2022 | photo ©Riccardo de Vecchi


Form finding

Portalen Pavilion | Timber gridshell
Norrköping, Sweden | 2020 | photo ©Ricard Estay


Structural engineering

Domes Village | Circular timber domes
New Clark City, Philippines | 2019 | photo ©Digital iC3


Structural design

Rotterdam Mountain | Cable-net stabilized high-rise
Netherlands | 2020 | image ©Rotterdamse Dromers


Parametric modelling

The Bridge Project | 3D printed concrete
Nijmegen, Netherlands | 2021 | photo ©Rubén Dario Kleimeer


Parametric design

Magnolia | Deployable GFRP gridshell
Sheffield, UK | 2016 | photo ©SHU/Matt Bell



Summum Engineering is a structural design, engineering and optimization consultancy, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It operates in the domains of architecture, engineering and construction as well as industrial design and art.

Our four key focus areas are:

  • lightweight structures, such as membrane, shell and spatial structures;
  • structures made by digital fabrication, like 3D printing, robotics and CNC machining; as well as structures made from
  • natural, biobased and earthen materials; and,
  • building renovation and reclaimed, circular materials.

Summum Engineering Cooperative U.A. is a worker-owned cooperative and social enterprise. It was originally founded in 2017 on the conviction that, through continued exchange and progress in science and technology, the built environment can serve people, their well-being as well as our planet. Towards this end, Summum is pro-active in seeking a clientele and portfolio in support of a shared vision for a sustainable and durable built environment.

Please read more about us here.

Our services

Summum Engineering provides its services to project developers and owners as well as architects, designers, engineers and contractors. Summum specializes in the parametric modelling, finite element modelling and structural engineering of lightweight structures, natural construction materials, complex geometries and sustainable buildings.

A decade long experience in parametric design, numerical optimization, computer programming and scientific research sets Summum apart from traditional engineering practice. Through intelligent algorithms and efficient designs, Summum means to elegantly solve the complex challenges that today’s clients are faced with and tomorrow’s world presents us with.

Please read more about our services here.

Featured projects

Bonaire sports court

Tensile membrane canopy

Common Thread

Digitally knitted installation

Schietbaan Marineterrein

Circular timber walkway

More projects.

Our collaborations

We love the dialogue between architecture and engineering, and have had the pleasure of working for and/or with these amazing architects and designers.

Our clients

From start-ups and private clients, to governments and multi-nationals, we serve the needs of a wide variety of clients in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

Contractors and engineers

Fabric roofs and air-inflated halls

Digital fabrication and 3D printing

Housing co-operatives and corporations

Real estate and planning

Academic institutions


End clients

Innovation grants